REPORT: Coaches Will Now Get Ejected For Using Abusive Language Towards Officials

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers

When you watch the NBA or MLB on a regular  basis, you fully expect to see head coaches get heated at an official over a call. And after awhile, they get ejected from the game.

In the NFL, you don’t see head coaches get ejected.  It has barely ever happened in the history of the league, despite the verbal abuse and tongue lashing they direct at officials week in and week out.

All that might be coming to an end starting this season, however.

ProFootballTalk explains the rule change:

“An addition to this year’s rulebook makes clear that the new rule resulting in automatic ejections for two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls applies not only to players but also to “non-player personnel (e.g., management personnel, coaches, trainers, equipment personnel).”

The two-foul rule applies only to certain types of fouls, including abusive language toward an opponent or official. It’s rare for a coach to get flagged for abusive language twice in one game, but it’s at least possible that it could happen.”

Hopefully the league doesn’t turn into the NBA or MLB, where the officials start to develop egos and go on power trips because their feelings were hurt.

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