Stephen A. Smith Says McGregor Isn’t Racist For Calling Black People Monkeys: ‘He Isn’t Talking To Me’

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When the world tour kicked off last week that spanned the globe to promote the megafight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, most realized it would be a NSFW type of event at every stop.

It got a bit crazy when UFC lightweight champ Conor McGregor referred to Mayweather as ‘boy’ and then followed that up with referring to a bunch of black guys in a gym in an old Rocky movie as ‘Monkeys’.

Despite him saying those things, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith says when he heard these things, it didn’t bother him because he knew McGregor wasn’t talking about him.

“This notion that Conor McGregor was racist or whatever, I don’t want to hear that, and I don’t believe that for one second.” Smith said to Sporting News. “As an African-American, I did not look at Conor McGregor and say ‘He is talking to me.'” 

“To me, it is him against Mayweather,” Smith said. “I did not view it as him talking against black people. I know the difference and that is not what I got from Conor McGregor at all.” 

“He was trying to raddle Floyd “Money” Mayweather the way he tries to raddle every opponent. And good luck to him because boy is he going to need it.”  



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