BREAKING: 70-Year-Old OJ Simpson Granted Parole, Will Be Released From Prison

oj simpson

The juice is loose!!!

The impending parole hearing that has been talked about heavily over the past few weeks is here and it all went down on Thursday. Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was granted parole after serving just nine years into his 33-year sentence after he was jailed for a string of crimes, including armed robbery and kidnapping, back in 2008.

Also, waiting for him when he gets out will be his multi-million dollar NFL pension that no one can touch, but him.

“Nicknamed ‘The Juice’, the disgraced star is reported to have amassed a fortune while behind bars thanks to his NFL pension.


The convict reportedly receives almost £20,000 a month while serving his sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Centre in Nevada.


Amounting to £240,000 a year, he will have an estimated fortune of £2.16 million by the time of his expected release.


But under the America’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act the fund cannot be touched by creditors despite Simpson owing almost £27 million.”

Out on parole after nine years and richer than most Americans almost immediately.  

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