Broussard on Kaepernick: ‘Anybody Who Takes A Stance on Behalf of Black Men Gets A Negative Image’ (VIDEO)

Chris Broussard

Let’s get you up to speed on how we got to this point.

Earlier this week, former NFL QB Michael Vick stated that Colin Kaepernick is job-less, not because of the National Anthem protest, but because he hasn’t played well on the field for the last two years.

He followed that up by suggesting that Kaepernick cut off all his hair to rebuild his image and secure a job in the league again. What proceeded from those comments was a firestorm of emotions from social media.

On Wednesday’s edition of ‘Speak For Yourself’, Jason Whitlock got into a passionate debate with his coworkers on whether or not Colin Kaepernick would benefit from changing his image.

That’s when Chris Broussard chimed in and stated that anybody, from Malcolm X to MLK, that takes a bold stance on behalf of African American men ultimately gets vilified with a negative image.

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