Dez Bryant Dropped $16K For Massive BBQ, Kickball Party & Invited Everyone In Is Hometown (VIDEO)

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant loves where he’s from and wanted everyone to know that he hasn’t forgotten about them.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver took to Facebook on Thursday and announced that he dropped $16K on food and drinks at Pinkerton’s Barbecue and wanted everybody in the town to come out for a game of kickball.

“Join me for a day of fun and bring the entire family. Free food and drinks, Bounce houses and fun for children. Free haircuts by Leeartis mcklevey 5pm-7pm. (Kinder to 12th grade only) Bring your family and your chairs and be ready for a great time. (For your caption and if you want to add to it) just making it easier for you…Let’s have fun today”


The owner of Pinkerton’s, Grant Pinkerton, told Lufkin news they would be serving up 230 pounds of brisket, 200 pounds of pork ribs, 100 pounds of sausage, 80 pounds of beef ribs, and 120 pounds of potato salad, along with pulled pork, beans, cole slaw, and cobblers.

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