Mike Vick Regrets Colin Kaepernick Hair Comments: ‘Truly Sorry For What I Said’

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Michael Vick is tired of the backlash.

On Thursday, the former NFL QB took to the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ and stated he wished he had never said his comments about Colin Kaepernick needing to rebuild his image by cutting off his hair.

“Obviously, we all know his afro has nothing to do with him being signed, and I wasn’t trying to relay that message. It was just more so about helping him at the end of the day,” Vick told the “Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday.

Vick says he’s always been a Kaepernick supporter and is “truly sorry for what I said.”

Vick has been under fire all week after he said numerous things about why Kaepernick is unemployed, to which Kaepernick responded by suggesting Vick is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

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