Old O.J. Simpson Driver’s License Issued During Infamous Murder Trial Hits Auction Block (Pic)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

In case you were wondering if O.J. Simpson memorabilia is still worth anything, the answer, apparently, is yes.

Simpson has spent the last nine years in a Nevada penitentiary on an armed robbery conviction. Now 70, the football legend turned actor turned murder suspect has a parole hearing on Thursday, and it is expected he will once again be a free man in the coming months.

Now, just in time for his release from prison, two of O.J.’s old driver’s license will soon hit the block at SCP Auctions. One of these licenses was issued in 2000. The other, amazingly, was issued in 1995, while O.J. was locked up in the L.A. County Jail during his trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

A spokesperson for SCP Auctions says they acquired the licenses from one of O.J.’s old bodyguards. The license from 2000 is expected to go for around $1,500. However, the one issued during the so-called trial of the century could fetch over $5,000.

The auctions for both licenses go live on October 4 and will run through October 21.

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