WWE Exec Shane McMahon Escapes Helicopter Crash Unscathed! (Video)

shane mcmahon helicopter crash

A helicopter carrying WWE executive Shane McMahon crash landed off the coast of Long Island on Wednesday. Fortunately, both McMahon and the pilot, the only two people on board, escaped unharmed.

McMahon credited this to the calm professionalism of the pilot.

“I’d like to thank the pilot, Mario. He did an amazing job, he was cool under pressure. Couldn’t have been in better hands, explained everything as it was happening,” McMahon told reporters. “Mario was super calm, which made me super calm, and we landed perfectly.”

The pilot issued a distress call upon hearing a noise that indicated a mechanical failure shortly after taking off from the New York City Westside Heliport. He then made the quick, life-saving decision to make what’s known as an autorotational landing on the water.

Here’s video of the U.S. Coast Guard rescuing McMahon and the pilot from the water:

McMahon, 47, is the commissioner of WWE’s “Smackdown” brand and the son of WWE Commissioner Vince McMahon.

Hilariously, several of the reporters who showed up to the press conference held after McMahon and the pilot were rescued had no clue who McMahon was. Take a look:

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Hats off to pilot Mario. Hopefully the WWE brings him in for an appearance on the next episode of Monday Night Raw so he can get a proper ovation.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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