Stephen Jackson Says DeMarre Carroll Is ‘Not Good Enough To Have An Opinion.’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson is still throwing punches, but this time it’s verbal.

Two years ago, the Toronto Raptors signed DeMarre Carroll to a 4-year, $60 million deal.  Just two years later, he is no longer on the team as they traded him to the Brooklyn Nets to clear salary-cap space after signing Kyle Lowry to a three-year, $100 million deal.

Upon his departure, Carroll decided to throw some shots at his former team, saying his teammates didn’t necessarily trust each other and that he truly believes he is a much better fit with the Brooklyn Nets because they move the ball more.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson had heard enough and went off on him.

“DeMarre Carroll, why are you even talking?” the 39-year-old asked on ESPN’s “The Jump.”

“If anybody passes you the ball, you should be happy. Play defense. You’re Bruce Bowen, just go in the corner, shoot threes, and be happy. You shouldn’t even have an input. You’re not good. You can shoot threes in the corner. … He’s not good enough to have an opinion. He’s not. He’s not. He’s not.”

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