Broncos’ Brandon Marshall on Vick: ‘A Black Man Should Never Speak Those Words At Another Black Man’ (VIDEO)

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Former NFL QB Michael Vick has been going through some PR nightmare after he went on FS1’s ‘Speak For Yourself’ and stated Colin Kaepernick needed to cut his hair off to change his image in order to secure a job in the NFL.

Everyone from every walk of life has pretty much blasted Michael Vick for his opinion and he has since apologized, but the damage was already done.

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who famously took a knee in protest of the National Anthem last year, took to social media and spoke about several things including Colin Kaepernick being better than QB’s like Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they have jobs.

He also spoke on Michael Vick’s comments on Kaepernick’s hair stating, “Those words should never have come out of his mouth from a black man to another black man.”

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