Chad Ochocinco & Darnell Dockett Are Throwing Shots at Each Other On Instagram: ‘Shut Yo Scary Ass Up’


The feud that started between former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson and Darnell Dockett way back in 2013 was reignited on Instagram after Ochocinco put up a #TBT Instagram post.  The post featured the caption “you live and you learn,” alongside a photo of himself shackled and in a prison jumper while appearing in court for his domestic abuse charges.

Dockett decided to come on the post and threaten him for whatever reason by saying, “We all make mistake … learn from it just like u need to learn not to f**k with me. Think about it before I pull up on you…”

Ochocinco, not one to be punked by anybody, immediately shotvright back at him, writing, “shut yo scary ass up fat boy, I’ll be at fight club at 5pm today, pull up or shut up!!”

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The original beef started in 2013 when they went back and forth on Twitter, which included Dockett bringing up Ochocinco’s 2012 head-butting incident of his then-wife Evelyn Lozada—which ultimately ended any opportunity of Ochocinco making it back into the league.

Dockett wrote at the time, “I’m not Evelyn! all that head butting s**t won’t fly over here! I’ll knot yo ass up! And I don’t stop until I seriously hurt u.”

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