Draymond Green Tells Damian Lillard to Give Carmelo Hype a Break (Tweets)

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Portland Trail Blazers stars Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum have been going all out trying to convince disenchanted Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony to pack up his things and move to RIP City. In the process, they’ve created quite the social media frenzy. And Golden State Warriors loudmouth Draymond Green has taken notice.

It all started earlier this week. When news leaked that Melo told the Knicks he wants out of New York, C.J. McCollum and Lillard put on the full court press.

First McCollum posted this on Instagram:

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After that Lillard reportedly told the Golden State Warriors “good luck” if the Blazers get Carmelo Anthony, the implication being that Melo would help the Blazers dethrone the Warriors.

Naturally, Warriors shit disturber Draymond Green took offense to Lillard’s comment. So Green got on Instagram and told Lillard to “give it a break.”

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Of course, there’s just one little problem with that story about Lillard telling the Warriors “good luck.” That quote was totally taken out of context and spun to make it sound more sensational than it really was.


“We can compete with anybody in the West,” Lillard told CSN Bay Area, “but I think when you get to those teams like Golden State, if we happen to run into them in a playoff situation now—we getting in the paint, and if they want to help off someone like Melo … good luck.”

Obviously Lillard did say that he thought the Blazers would be dangerous to the Warriors. But the “good luck” part was about the Warriors trying to guard Melo, not about their overall chances of beating the Blazers.

Of course, all this back-and-forth on social media will ultimately be for naught. Carmelo Anthony has reportedly nixed the idea of going to Portland.

The little feud was fun while it lasted, though.

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