Eddie Alvarez: ‘You’re An Idiot’ If You Think McGregor Can’t KO Mayweather

UFC 205: Weigh-ins

There’s not too many folks giving Conor McGregor a chance to win his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather. Unlike naysayers, McGregor is convinced he can knock Floyd out within the first 4 rounds.

Eddie Alvarez seems to agree with him.

Having fought McGregor and being on the receiving end of many of his punches, Alvarez knows first hand how much power a McGregor punch can carry.

Alvarez recently told ‘Five Rounds’ podcast that people are downright stupid if they think the UFC Lightweight Champion has no chance of knocking out Floyd Mayweather.

“Within (the first) four rounds, if you don’t think Conor can knock this guy out, you’re an idiot or you just don’t know fighting,” Alvarez said, according to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. “It can very well happen. If he doesn’t get it done by then, then it could look very one-sided. The technical boxing of Mayweather is enough to make it look really one-sided.

“But Conor, there is a very real chance that he can put him away.”

Eighteen of Conor McGregor’s 21 professional MMA wins have come via knockout, including seven inside the Octagon.

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