O.J. Simpson Parole Conditions Released (No. 1 on the List: No Murdering)

o.j. simpson parole

On Thursday afternoon the Nevada parole board approved O.J. Simpson‘s bid for early release. The disgraced football legend will once again be a free man, possibly as soon as October 1. However, like all parolees, Simpson will have a strict set of rules he’ll have to follow if he wants to remain a free man. These rules will be in effect for about five years, and if he violates any of them he could end up back in prison.

Let’s start with the things O.J. can’t do. He can’t do any drugs unless they are prescribed by a doctor. That includes marijuana, even though recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada. Simpson also cannot associate with any known felons, own any weapons, or leave his state of residence without getting written permission from his parole officer.

Speaking of his state of residence, where that is, exactly, is up to the Nevada parole board. They generally work to make sure parolees can settle down where they have a support network. Simpson said in his parole hearing that he wants to return to south Florida, where he lived from 2000-2008 and raised his kids. It’s likely that the Nevada parole board would approve such a move. However, the state of Florida would also have to approve it. If Florida does not grant him permission to serve his parole there, the Nevada parole board would work with him to find another location.

Of course, even if Simpson is given permission to move to Florida, it’s not clear where he would live. The mansion he used to own was foreclosed in 2012. It is possible that Simpson would live temporarily with his friend, Tom Scotto.

Regardless of where he ends up, Simpson would be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings from his parole officer. (He can consume alcohol, but he must stay below the legal limit.) His residence would also be subject to random searches.

As for how he would support himself, that gets a little tricky. After being found liable for the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman in a 1997 civil lawsuit, any money Simpson earns going forward has to go to the victims’ families. However, the families are not allowed to touch his NFL pension. And according to Sports Illustrated, that’s a pretty comfortable $25,000 per month.

Basically, if O.J. can just avoid murdering and robbing people at gunpoint, he’ll be able to live a pretty nice life from here on out.

God bless America!

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