Shannon Brown To Lonzo Ball: ‘Don’t Go Dating Famous Chicks Like The Kardashians, Just Focus On B-Ball’ (VIDEO)

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Lonzo Ball is easily the hottest name in the NBA, fresh out of college.  So naturally, the women are going to flock to him in droves. Former NBA player Shannon Brown knows something about dating a high-profiled woman, as he dated and ultimately married RnB singer Monica back in 2010.

TMZ recently caught up with the two-time NBA Champion at an airport.  They wanted him to give Lonzo some advice on how to deal with women.

He basically stated to keep his focus on basketball and basketball related things, and don’t go out dating Kardashian type chicks right away.

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem anyway, as Lonzo is already dating a smoking hot chick at the moment.

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D$ is so baaack

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