Marcus Morris Hopes Kyrie Irving Goes To Any Team…Except The Golden State Warriors

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks

Let’s be real. This has no chance of happening, but the same was said when rumors swirled about Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, and look what happened there.

On Friday, it was reported that Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving requested a trade last week, as he was tired of being Robin to LeBron’s Batman and wanted a bigger role on another squad.

Despite three straight NBA Finals appearances, Kyrie would rather take his talents elsewhere and be the man.

Boston Celtics power forward Marcus Morris doesn’t care where Kyrie ends up in the long run….Just don’t let it be on one team: The Golden State Warriors.


If that were to happen, it would make the NBA even more unwatchable than it was last year, when everybody knew what the outcome of the NBA Finals would be.

Shortly after the initial report surfaced, a list of four preferred destinations followed: New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, or the Miami Heat.

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