Somebody Started A GoFundMe To Purchase OJ Simpson A New Ford Bronco

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole At Hearing

O.J. Simpson, the man forever associated with the Ford Bronco when he fled police after the slayings of his wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman, is set to be released from Prison in October after he was granted parole this past week.

After serving nine years for a botched armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room, OJ is definitely going to need some new wheels when he gets out.

One guy decided to get that handled for him and took to GoFundMe to get some funding to get a Simpson a brand spanking new Ford Bronco upon his release.

The post reads as:

“I want to raise money to buy Mr. Simpson a brand new White 2020 Ford Bronco when they are released, and I know you want to help!”

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You can view the entire GoFundMe page here.

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