Conor McGregor Trolls Mayweather With Jersey of C.J. Watson…Who Slept With Floyd’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Hate him or love him, Conor McGregor is the biggest troll in sports entertainment today.

Over the past few days, a photo of Conor McGregor rocking a Golden State Warriors jersey had surfaced online.  Most figured McGregor was just a fan of the team, but after a very public back and forth with the current owner of the Warriors #23 jersey, Draymond Green, Conor quickly explained whose name was on the back of his jersey.

Not Draymond Green, not Jason Richardson, but former Warriors player C.J Watson. Why him? Because he reportedly slept with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris.  And when Mayweather found text messages to prove it, he allegedly threatened their lives and beat her back in 2010.

Here’s how it went down according to Josie.

“The woman who was allegedly beaten, Josie Harris, said that she woke up one morning to see Mayweather holding her phone, yelling at her about text messages from Watson.

“Are you having sex with C.J.,” Mayweather reportedly shouted at Harris. Harris, who has three children with Mayweather, responded that she was seeing Watson and the fighter responded by punching her in the back of the head, according to the police report.

Mayweather pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge and was sentenced to 90 days in prison. He served two months in jail and later reconciled with Harris.

“All I heard is, ‘Who is C.J. Watson, C.J. Watson the basketball player?’ Harris said in the police report. “From there it was just … bad. I was powerless. He was holding me down. I couldn’t fight back. The kids were screaming and crying, ‘You’re hurting my Mom.’ “

Harris told police that Mayweather yelled, “I’m going to kill you and the man you are messing around with. I’m going to have you both disappear.”

McGregor wearing this jersey just opened up an old wound for Floyd in the most savage way possible.

This wasn’t the first time McGregor has mentioned CJ Watson, either:


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