LeBron James’ Step Father Threatens To Expose Him Cheating On His Wife: ‘You Gonna Respect Lambo!’

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Move over Delonte West.  There’s a new sheriff in town. Well, at least there was…

LeBron James has had a rough couple of months after he lost yet another NBA Finals, followed up by his star PG Kyrie Irving requesting to be traded.  And let’s not forget the Cavs’ failure to acquire Paul George and/or Jimmy Butler during the offseason.

Now, LeBron has to deal with his mother’s bitter ex-boyfriend, Miami rapper Lambo.  He recently took to Instagram and called out both Gloria and LeBron, saying they know the truth about the break up. And he didn’t stop there, either.

The rapper went on to insinuate LeBron mistreats his wife.  He also threatened to reveal possible cheating on LeBron’s part as well.


“#godspeed U!! Know the truth why we broke up! So should I tell the world the truth!!! ,U SAW ME TREAT YOUR MOM LIKE A QUEEN,AND I SAW U TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A!!! ,DONT TRY AND MAKE THE WORLD THINK THAT LAMBO F**KED UP!! LET THE WORLD KNOW WHATS THE REAL F**KED UP PROBLEM IN THE FAMILY. @kingjames respect is due to a dog and you gonna respect LAMBO!!!!! Cause I always respected u!! . And since u love social media and couldn’t talk to me like a Man!!!U!!!!!!! Made me go to social media”

As far as personal issues off the court, LeBron has kept his reputation squeaky clean. But, much like Kobe Bryant back in the early 2000’s, that all might come to an end in epic fashion.


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