Cops Say Michael Irvin’s Rape Accuser Did Cocaine & Ecstasy Before Alleged Incident; Initially Lied About It


Earlier this year, it was reported that Michael Irvin was being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a Ft. Lauderdale hotel. He made sure to jump in front of this allegation before it got out of hand when he sat down with Fox 4 News and publicly denied the claim shortly after it was made.

On Monday, Prosecutors had decided not to pursue rape charges after investigators determined they had no strong case against the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

“Ron Ishoy at the Broward State Attorney’s Office tells TMZ Sports, “The Irvin case has been closed out for lack of evidence and no likelihood of conviction.”

Since the announcement, more details have emerged showing that the rape accuser tested positive for several drugs in her system after the alleged incident, including cocaine and ecstasy. She told investigators the same night of the alleged incident that she did not do any type of drugs and believed somebody put something in her drink.

“But the toxicology report came back showing the presence of amphetamine, MDMA, cocaine and alcohol in her blood. Her B.A.C. was a .10 despite the fact she had stopped drinking hours before.

The woman later admitted to investigators that she took a “small amount” of Xanax and ecstasy on the 19th and 20th — and fessed up to doing cocaine over the weekend. Officials didn’t believe her cocaine excuse because coke metabolizes “almost immediately” and would likely not show up if taken that long ago. 

Either way, officials say they couldn’t prove that Irvin provided any of the drugs to her.

There’s more … officials also did the blacklight test in Irvin’s hotel room and did find some semen — on the corner of a seat cushion. But they couldn’t prove if it was Irvin’s or someone who had previously stayed in the room. Gross.

Investigators also found video of the woman partying with Irvin earlier in the evening and even gyrating her hips around him near his hotel room.

Officials also say the woman underwent a vaginal swab after the alleged incident but there was no trace of Irvin’s DNA.”

Irvin plans on having a press conference on Monday.

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