Damian Lillard​ on Kyrie Irving​ Wanting Out: ‘Who Wouldn’t Want To Go To The Finals Every Year?’ (VIDEO)

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With random people and former players giving their opinion on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ situation, it was time to get the opinion of a current NBA player.

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard​ knows what it’s like to be the face of a franchise, something Kyrie Irving wants, and he was asked plain and simple for his thoughts on why Kyrie wants to be traded.  He was also asked if he too would demand a trade if he played with LeBron James.

‘Who wouldn’t want to go to the Finals every year?’

‘I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t want to play with him.’


On the outside looking in, it seems crazy that Kyrie would want to bolt, as he is basically guaranteed success playing alongside LeBron. But when egos get bigger and bigger and start to clash, it can ruin a team.

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