Draymond Green Facing Civil Suit For Slapping & Bullying Former Michigan State Football Player

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Last year, Draymond Green got himself into some trouble when he was arrested and accused of slapping Michigan State Spartans DB Jermaine Edmondson while his goons choked Edmondson’s girlfriend at a bar in East Lansing.

The Golden State Warriors forward might be a little lighter in the pockets soon because now he’s facing a lawsuit for the alleged incident that was sent out by high-profile Los Angeles attorney Lisa Bloom on Monday.


In the lawsuit, the duo will allege that Green engaged in physical assault, bullying and misleading statements, and because of Green’s behavior that night, it has “severely impacted” her clients’ lives.

“I am just letting my attorneys handle the situation,” Green told ESPN. “I am hopeful and confident this will be resolved soon.”

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