Michael Phelps Raced a Shark for “Shark Week” and Lost (Video + Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Michael Phelps helped the Discovery Channel kick off “Shark Week” on Sunday with one of the most ridiculous stunts basic cable has ever seen, taking on a great white shark in a 100-meter race off the coast of South Africa in an hour-long special appropriately titled Phelps vs. Shark.

Obviously, any time a shark races a human, the shark is going to have the advantage, what with it’s MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION on its side. However, the folks at the Discovery Channel tried their best to level the playing field, outfitting Phelps with a sharkskin wetsuit and a pair of whale flukes.


Needless to say, Twitter was pretty pumped for the big showdown:

Unfortunately, neither the special wetsuit nor the whale flukes were enough to help the 23-time Olympic gold medalist overcome the odds. The great white still prevailed by a full two seconds:


Of course, as any reasonable person could have deduced if they had just sat down to think about it, the shark WASN’T REAL. It was a computer-generated simulation.

But apparently lot of people did not make this deduction, so they felt a little cheated:

Real or not, I was still entertained.

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