Red Sox Pitcher David Price Told Dennis Eckersley to “Get the F— Out of Here” During Heated Exchange on Team Plane

david price dennis eckersley confrontation get the fuck out of here

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Earlier this month it was reported that Boston Red Sox starter David Price got into a heated confrontation with broadcaster Dennis Eckersley on the team plane following a home game against the Twins on June 29. At the time nobody would say what was actually said, or even what the confrontation was about. Price would only say that he was standing up for his teammates.

Now the Boston Globe‘s Dan Shaughnessy is spilling the beans. And it turns out the whole thing was pretty childish.

According to Shaughnessy, the confrontation was sparked by comments Eckersley made about an outing by Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez during their June 29 game against the Twins. Upon learning that Rodriguez had gone just three innings while giving up nine hits and five runs in a rehab start in Pawtucket, Eckersley simply said “yuck.” He didn’t curse Rodriguez or suggest the Red Sox should give up on him. But he didn’t sugarcoat things, either.

However, Price didn’t appreciate Eckersley’s comment. So later that night Price went out of his way to let Eckersley know.

Here’s the description from Dan Shaughnessy:

On the day of the episode, Price was standing near the middle of the team aircraft, surrounded by fellow players, waiting for Eckersley. When Eckersley approached, on his way to the back of the plane (Sox broadcasters traditionally sit in the rear of the aircraft), a grandstanding Price stood in front of Eckersley and shouted, “Here he is — the greatest pitcher who ever lived! This game is easy for him!”

When a stunned Eckersley tried to speak, Price shot back with, “Get the [expletive] out of here!”

Many players applauded.

Eckersley made his way to the back of the plane as players in the middle of the plane started their card games. In the middle of the short flight, Eckersley got up and walked toward the front where Sox boss Dave Dombrowski was seated. When Eckersley passed through the card-playing section in the middle, Price went at him again, shouting, “Get the [expletive] out of here!”

When Price was asked about it the next day, he said only, “Some people just don’t understand how hard this game is.”

Of course, the irony here is that Dennis Eckersley is a goddamn Hall of Famer who’s 7th on the all-time saves list. It’s one thing to get irritated when a guy who never played the game criticizes you. But in this case, if anyone understands “how hard this game is,” it’s Dennis Eckersley.

Also, it should be pointed out that Dennis Eckersley was just doing his job. If players are going to act like babies who can’t handle criticism, maybe teams shouldn’t put media members on team flights.

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