REPORT: Conor McGregor Fans Threw A Brick Through Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend’s Window With ‘F*ck The Mayweathers’ On It


There’s a big difference between being a fan of an athlete and being a complete idiot who’s willing to put other people’s lives at risk because you really like an athlete. Conor McGregor seems to have a bunch of the latter fans.

Last week, British reality TV star Abigail Clarke revealed that she had been in a secret relationship with Floyd Mayweather and it didn’t take long for her to feel the wrath of being tied to him.

According to the Daily Star, some Conor McGregor fans took their fandom to the next level when they threw a brick through Clarke’s Essex apartment window. On that brick were the words, ‘Fuck the Mayweathers’, which is exactly what McGregor had fans chant at Floyd during their world tour to promote their August fight.

“A group of yobs threw a brick through a window of the property at around 3am. It had a note attached that read: “F*** The Mayweathers”, a phrase often chanted by McGregor fans

A source close to the babe said: “It has been a real-life nightmare for Abi. The stuff she has had to deal with has been tough to take.

“She is genuinely worried about her safety. There are concerns that the worst could happen if things get out of control.”

Neighbours feared Abi had been hurt in the attack and rushed to help her. It was only then that the men fled the scene, leaving her in tears.

“It had all come out of nowhere and she didn’t know what to make of it. She was sobbing and shaking.”

She went into even more detail, stating people would approach her yelling obscenities. During one such incident a guy screamed, “You plastic slag… You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die.”

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