Report: Kyrie Irving Also Upset Cavs Included Him in Paul George Trade Talks

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The NBA world exploded on Friday with the news that superstar point guard Kyrie Irving had asked the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him.

Initial reports out of Cleveland indicated that Irving simply wants out of LeBron‘s shadow. Specifically, sources said he want’s “more touches” and the kind of “special treatment” other players of his caliber get.

However, there’s another reason Irving has asked to be traded, and it’s pretty ironic. Apparently Irving asked to be traded because the Cavs tried to trade him.

Seriously! It turns out Irving’s name was thrown out in the Cavaliers’ attempts to acquire either Jimmy Butler or Paul George. However, the Cavs didn’t give Irving the courtesy of informing him about the talks.

Apparently former Cavs GM David Griffin had a strong relationship with Kyrie. He openly discussed the point guard’s concerns about playing second fiddle and assured him that he was trying to find a solution. Griffin also kept Kyrie in the loop.

That was not the case after Griffin was forced out by owner Dan Gilbert. With Griffin gone, nobody told Kyrie that they were willing to part with him. When he found out, he was pissed.

It was probably impossible for the Cavs to meet the demands of Kyrie’s ego as long as LeBron James was on the team. However, the organization’s ineptitude following the departure of Griffin put the final stake in the coffin.

Fun times in Cleveland!

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