Richard Sherman Explains Why It’s No Big Deal That He Told Russell Wilson He ‘F*cking Sucks’


It’s been a trying offseason for the Seattle Seahawks. Unlike previous years, when it seemed like everybody on the roster was always on the same page, this offseason has been marred by tension and controversy between Seahawks players.

The first hint of controversy came in May, when unnamed players on the Seahawks defense were privately wanting star QB Russell Wilson to get exposed as a fraud quarterback—because they watched the front office cater to him and not other players on the team.

Then another report stated CB Richard Sherman blamed both Pete Carroll and Wilson for the team not winning multiple championships.  He also apparently told Wilson he ‘fucking sucks’ one day during practice.

During a recent interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Sherman opened up a bit more about his relationship with Wilson.

“Is my relation ship with Russell the same as it is with Doug [Baldwin] or the same as it is with Bobby [Wagner]? Is his relationship with me the same as it is with [Tyler Lockett] or [Justin] Britt, you know what I mean? It’s just different dynamics. But as teammates we’re phenomenal.”

He then confirmed the story of him telling Wilson that he “f***ing sucks” during a 2014 practice. Sherman thinks that exchange was no big deal.

“That’s 100% true. And I’ve said worse. I’ve said worse to Doug [Baldwin] and I’ve said worse to [Jermaine] Kearse, because iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another. So, once again, [it’s just a] snapshot. You come into practice of a team that’s about to go to the Super Bowl, and you get a competitive moment, and you try to write a story about it. I’m sorry that our competition and the way we sharpen our iron isn’t pretty and cordial. I’m sure if you went to see bad teams, they’d probably be getting along great.”

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