Savage Fans Chant “Trust the Process” at Randy Orton During WWE Battleground in Philadelphia (Video)

fans bust out trust the process chant at WWE event in Philadelphia

When the Philadelphia 76ers decided to embark on an epic rebuild back in 2012, then-GM Sam Hinkie acknowledged that it wasn’t going to be pretty, but famously implored fans to “trust the process.”

The fans listened. They embraced the losing. They welcomed the draft picks. And they turned “Trust the Process” into the unofficial motto for all Philadelphia sports teams.

Now they’re busting out the “Trust the Process” chant at sporting events that have nothing to do with the Sixers.

On Sunday, the WWE held one of their Battleground pay-per-view events at the Wells Fargo Center. During the main event, a “Punjabi Prison match” between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, fans inside the arena started chanting “Trust the Process.”

Apparently it was a message to Randy Orton, who was in a rather painful-looking armlock at the time.

Pretty savage, really. Take a look:

In the end, Randy Orton took the fans’ advice and trusted the process. Which is to say, he lost, and Jinder Mahal retained the WWE Championship belt.

Hat Tip – [CSN Philly]

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