Former Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead Warrant Rescinded, Cops Had Wrong Guy

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Well, isn’t this a huge twist to the story.

The Dallas Cowboys, clearly tired of the negative press, cut wide receiver Lucky Whitehead on Monday after TMZ reported he was arrested back in June on a shoplifting charge. He pleaded his case that it wasn’t him, but lost his job anyway.

Now there’s a huge twist to the story, as cops revealed it was a case of mistaken identity. They arrested somebody else, not Whitehead.

“Lucky Whitehead was telling the TRUTH — he was not the man arrested for shoplifting on June 22, this according to Prince William County officials.

We spoke with commonwealth’s attorney, Paul Ebert, who says the case against Lucky Whitehead has been dropped after an internal investigation into the arrest.

Long story short … Ebert says the man who was was only “verbally identified” by the arresting officer. The arrestee did not have an I.D. on him.

The man told cops he was Lucky Whitehead and gave them Lucky’s information, Ebert says.

Cops reviewed surveillance video at the convenience store which showed the man was NOT Lucky.”

What a horrible turn of events as the Cowboys didn’t even bother to wait for the facts to come out.

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