LaVar Ball Rocked a Yarmulke Because a Fan Asked Him To (Video)

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Warning: If you love to hate LaVar Ball, this run-in with a fan might just cause you to hate him a little less. 

The Big Baller dad was asked by a fan at an official signing if he would put on a yarmulke for a picture. LaVar obliged, making a pretty memorable moment.

LaVar’s got a yarmulke too! (Submitted by @chatzatron)

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He also said during the signing, “I love Hanukkah. Eight days.”

He’s right about that. He also joked that he dated a Jewish girl when he was younger, adding he’d always ask where the rest of the yarmulke was whenever he had to wear one.

I guess we’re taking a day off from hating this guy. But…just one.

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