Lucky Whitehead Says He Wasn’t in Virginia at Time of Shoplifting, and He Has Plane Ticket to Prove It

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The Dallas Cowboys released wide receiver Lucky Whitehead on Monday after it was learned that he had criminal charges pending for shoplifting and a subsequent failure to appear in court. However, Whitehead and his agent claim he is totally innocent, and it looks like they may be telling the truth.

The shoplifting incident occurred in Prince William County Virginia, just outside Washington D.C., at 1:30 a.m. on June 22. A convenience store clerk saw a man who looked like Whitehead leave the store without paying for some items. According to Prince William County Police Department, they arrested Lucky Whitehead and charged him with petty larceny under $200. He was later charged for not showing up to his arraignment on July 6.

The problem with this story? Lucky Whitehead wasn’t in Virginia when the crime was committed. He was in Dallas. And he has a plane ticket to prove it.

At 7:18 a.m. on June 22, Lucky Whitehead boarded a United Airlines flight from Dallas that arrived in Washington D.C. at 11:30 a.m., a full 10 hours after the alleged crime. The reason he never received the summons or appeared in court is because he wasn’t the one arrested.

“I don’t know who got arrested in Virginia, but it wasn’t me,” Whitehead told Cowboys HQ. “I NEVER once had an altercation with the cops. And come to find out, this happened, they say, at 1:34 a.m. at a Wawa in Woodbridge, Virginia [on a day] that I was in Dallas until 11:20 a.m.”

Whitehead and his agent, David Rich, told the Cowboys that this is a bizarre case of mistaken identity. But apparently they don’t care.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the release of Lucky Whitehead was the culmination of a number of incidents over the past 12 months and not directly related to the shoplifting charges.

The only other “incident” anyone seems to be aware of is Whitehead being late for practice in December.

Jones would not comment on Whitehead’s mistaken identity claim. However, here’s what Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told ESPN about Whitehead’s departure:

In handling the situation and evaluating with the authorities there and in talking to him, we just didn’t feel like it’s in the best interest of the Cowboys to have him with us. We’ve got a track record of being able to take guys that made some mistakes early on in their career and they get better. They grow and they develop and they become great citizens and great players. We have a number of those guys on our team right now.

We have other guys that they haven’t responded to that structure and that way of doing things and they’re no longer with our team. There are plenty of examples of that as well. In this particular case, we felt it was in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys to move on from Lucky Whitehead.

This story is very weird. Stay tuned.

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