Almost 100K People Have Signed Petition To Stop Mike Vick’s Virginia Tech HOF Induction

Atlanta Falcons rookie quarterback Michael Vick lo

There is one reason and one reason only why people even acknowledge the existence of Virginia Tech—because of how sensational former player Michael Vick was when he played there.

After a very public incident, trial, and prison sentence related to dog-fighting, Vick made his return to the NFL and kept a low-profile, all while saying and doing all the right things.  Now, with Vick retired from football, Virginia Tech wants to celebrate his career at their school.

Unfortunately, there are almost 100K people (and growing) who are against the planned induction of Michael Vick into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame.

“As of Tuesday afternoon, two online petitions at had received more than 90,000 combined signatures opposing the enshrinement of the controversial quarterback, who served 19 months in federal prison on 2007 dogfighting convictions.

The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine posted a statement on its Facebook page from its dean, Dr. Cyril Clarke, on Sunday. Clarke noted that the Blacksburg college “was not part of the nomination process nor the decision, which was made by a committee of past athletes.

“The College unequivocally opposes honoring an individual whose past actions contradict our values and the cornerstone of our mission,” the statement continued. “Over the course of several days, I have communicated with President [Timothy] Sands and other campus administrators to express our disappointment and opposition to this decision. I continue to be in conversations with the president regarding this issue.”

Here’s one petition.

Here’s another petition.

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