Chart Shows NFL Teams With Most Games Missed By Suspended Players; Cowboys Lead The League

Just like every other offseason for the NFL, players have a bunch of time on their hands.  And with all that time comes a bunch of potential trouble that can cost these players thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

And then there’s the amount of games they may get suspended for, which in turn can alter their team’s playoff chances because of their actions.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently going through that scenario—which isn’t uncommon with this franchise—as they’ve had a bunch of players suspended for various reasons.

The website SportsDay decided to calculate the worst of the 32 teams by calculating the total number of suspensions handed to players on each team, along with the total number of games that those players had to sit out for their team over the past year.

To no one’s surprise, the Cowboys were the worst.



Here the main culprits on the squad:



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