Check Out These Air Jordan 1 “Whataburger” Sneakers (VIDEO + PICS)

San Antonio artist Jake Danklefs has had social media buzzing for the past few days after he unveiled these Air Jordan ‘Whataburger’ Dunks.

You can win a pair of these custom delights as well as other custom shoes simply by sharing your favorite custom order from the fast-food chain, accompanied by the hashtag #WhataThoseContest.


Jake Danklefs:

“We used to make fun of my buddy Fred. He had a women’s Dunk in his size that were orange and we always called it the “Whataburger” Dunk. JD Beltran and I were digging around in his closet one day and pulled those out. Fred was like, “Let’s really make it a Whataburger shoe.” I took it home and went to town on it.

That was right when I made the conversion of like, “Ok, I’m a customizer now.” I still had a full-time job at that time I think, but it was the conversion of I’m not just some guy painting shoes now, I actually am customizing and being know for it. So, I went to town on it as if it was a customer’s shoe even though it was just a buddy’s shoe that I probably traded for Chinese food lunches. [Laughs] Basically, all I did to the shoe was add white stripes and a ‘W’ — that was it. The shoe was already there looking like a Whataburger shoe. [Laughs] So, it was very simple.”

Let’s take a closer look at these dope customs:

WB-Shoes-White-1-of-7 WB-Shoes-White-2-of-7 WB-Shoes-White-3-of-7 WB-Shoes-White-4-of-7 WB-Shoes-White-5-of-7 WB-Shoes-White-6-of-7 WB-Shoes-White-7-of-7

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