Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis Found Not Guilty of DV After It Was Proven GF Lied & Actually Hit Him

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How many times does this need to happen before laws are changed in this country?

The Cowboys’ latest off-field distraction comes via rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis, who went to trial this week after being accused of attacking his then-girlfriend. It took only two days for jurors to realize his ex-girlfriend was just blowing smoke up people’s behind and he was found not guilty.

The 3rd round draft pick’s former girlfriend told cops that the then-Michigan cornerback threw pillows at her during a fight over the electricity bill. After locking himself in a closet, he came out, dragged her across the living room floor and grabbed her by the throat.

It was later revealed that she had been hitting him in the face and he grabbed her by her shoulders to try to get out of the room.

The case went to trial and a jury found him not guilty. After court, Lewis told the media, “I’m elated.”

Lewis’ attorney John Shea says, “It’s always gratifying to represent someone that you believe in and have the jury tell me I’m right.”

“We’re just happy it came out the way it did. He’s letting it sink in. He’s been under this cloud for awhile and he’ll need some time to put it behind him but this is a good first start.”

“He’s a got a job and he’s anxious to get back to doing it. I’m sure the team is anxious to get him back on the field.”

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