Damian Lillard Destroys ESPN Writer For Saying He Has A ‘Losing Track Record’

Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns

During the offseason, Damian Lillard spends his time in the studio perfecting his rap skills. And when he’s not doing that, he’s interacting with fans on social media.

Lillard has been one of the top NBA guards since he broke into the league back in 2012. Although he has yet to experience any significant postseason success, he has been there every single year except his rookie season.

While trying to explain the amount of losses a Kyrie Irving-led team has accumulated with him being the main guy, ESPN NBA writer Tom Haberstroh made the mistake of comparing Irving to Lillard, because they both have a ‘losing track record’.


Big mistake. Lillard came across the post and blasted the guy:

You come for the king, you best not miss.

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