Is Kyrie Irving Trolling LeBron James With This ‘I’m Coming Home’ Snapchat? (Video)

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Kyrie Irving has been out of the country (thankfully) for much of the maelstrom he created by reportedly demanding a trade “away from LeBron James.” But now he’s returning from China, and the birds have come home to roost.

So, is all this drama being thrown around in the media true? What does it mean for the offseason of both Kyrie and Cleveland? Will he be diplomatic with LeBron should he not get his trade?

We’ll find out soon. But for right now, enjoy Kyrie singing “I’m Coming Home” on Snapchat, presumably as a tongue-in-cheek performance.

“I’m Coming Home” is a song made popular by Diddy and Skylar Green, but it was also the title of the article LeBron James wrote in The Players Tribute to announce his return to Cleveland three years ago.

LeBron I'm Coming Home

Coincidence?  Or epic troll job?

Either way, things should be fun in Cleveland for the next few months.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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