REPORT: LeBron Motivated To Win Without Kyrie, But Still Plans To Sign With Lakers After Next Year


The one-time friendship that existed between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving seems to be over after their very public spat—which began when the star point guard requested to be traded because he doesn’t want to play alongside LeBron in Cleveland any longer.

With the initial shock beginning to wear off, Bleacher Report is now reporting that LeBron is motivated more than ever to show that he can win without Kyrie by his side because he feels he was stabbed in the back.

“Irving informed several teammates of his request, James was not one of them, and LeBron was blindsided by the idea that Irving was unhappy.

A league source familiar with James’ mindset told B/R that, as of Monday, the news that Irving would like to leave has provided a welcome boost of motivation, not only for James, but for the entire Cavaliers organization. It is motivation for James to prove he can win without Irving, and motivation for the Cavs that might have been waning after losing two of three times to the Golden State Warriors, who then added to their arsenal via free agency. Irving has provided both a reason and a means to add fresh, hungry talent to a core that has stayed intact for the last three years.”

Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, Cleveland Cavaliers fans. LeBron reportedly still plans to leave in free agency once again after next season and will probably sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“The consensus among several league executives contacted by B/R was that James will indeed opt out of his contract and head elsewhere, most likely to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers, to develop his post-career interest in Hollywood’s TV and film industry.

There’s only one person helped by the news about Irving: James. Not only does this report shift the spotlight off his desire to leave, it offers one more potential reason why he’d want to go.”

One more year with The King.  Trade Kyrie and get some nice assets and draft picks and rebuild from there. That is the future for the Cavs right now.

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