REPORT: Cleveland Cavaliers Can’t Get in Touch with Kyrie Irving

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Not only has Kyrie Irving (reportedly) demanded a trade from the Cavs because he’s sick of LeBron James, but now that he’s back stateside, the team can’t even get the dude on the phone to figure out what’s what.

Since reports broke that Kyrie demanded a trade, the Cavs have understandably tried to get Irving to talk.  Problem is he hasn’t responded to their calls, according to The Athletic‘s Jason Lloyd.

Considering he’s still under contract, Kyrie is depending on the Cavs for a trade and isn’t really controlling his own destiny. The least he could do is pick up the phone and call his team, whatever his beef with LeBron is. Maybe it’s a power play, or maybe he’s just acting cowardly, a la DeAndre Jordan two years ago.

We’ll see. He can’t hide forever.

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