Jaguars Asked Fans To Tweet GIFs Of Their Excitement For Training Camp & It Went Terribly Bad (TWEETS)

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When it comes to the NFL, there are different levels of fandom.

You have fans who are excited because they know their team is competitive and actually have a shot to win their division, win in the playoffs, and possibly make it to the Super Bowl.

Then you have the lower tier fans that are excited and full of hope that maybe their team can crank out a .500 season without being embarrassingly bad like years past. This tier would include the Jacksonville Jaguars fans, among others.

The team’s official Twitter account decided to get a feel for the temperature of the fan base on Thursday by asking them to tweet a gif of their excitement level as they head into training camp. To say it failed miserably would be an understatement.


The replies:

The Jaguars haven’t had a winning season since 2007.  They still remain the only AFC South team to have never won the division.

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