Jason Whitlock Demands Kansas City Star Apologize For Anti-Vick Column: ‘It Was Embarrassing & Racist’ (VIDEO)

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On Wednesday, the Kansas City Star decided it would be a grand idea for them to send out an editorial piece about Michael Vick being on the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff as an intern during training camp.

Vick wasn’t praised at all during the piece, as it focused mainly on this troubled history with dog-fighting and going to prison.

“Here’s a culture clash for you: If you’d never before heard of convicted dog torturer Michael Vick, who just joined the Kansas City Chiefs as a coaching intern, you would not have gotten any hint from the reaction in the sports world to his arrival here that this was anything other than a wildly exciting turn of events.

Let’s just say we don’t see it that way.

We don’t understand how thinking it was highly entertaining to watch trained pit bulls fatally attack family pets at his appropriately named Virginia dogfighting operation, the Bad Newz Kennels, might make the former star pro quarterback just the right guy to mentor and mold other football players.

The team’s website ran a good-news piece headlined, “Andy Reid on Michael Vick Helping at Camp: ‘He Brings That Respect.’” Really, guys? He also brings a rap sheet, and played for Reid, the Chiefs’ coach, in Philadelphia after his release from federal prison in 2009.

True, the man has served his time. But Vick’s actions were so monstrously cruel that we can’t agree that, as one Chiefs fan unironically put it on the team’s Facebook page, critics should “stop beating a dead horse.”

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock, who got his start as a writer at the Kansas City Star, did not appreciate his old stomping grounds stooping to such a level.  He took to his show, ‘Speak For Yourself,’ and demanded the Star send out an apology to Michael Vick and every black man that has done their time and looked to turn their life around.

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