Lavar Ball Still Saying Dumb Sh*t, Says He & LaMelo Would Beat LeBron & Jordan (Video)

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Well, I don’t know why we’re surprised, because LaVar Ball clearly lives on a different planet than we do, but he went out and ran his mouth again, this time saying that he and his son LaMelo could beat LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Is that true? No. LaVar Ball would literally die if he took on a single pro player in a game. But here he is saying that, nonetheless:

Here are his exact words:

I got me and (La)Melo. Against LeBron (James) and Jordan, anybody. Me and my son against anybody, we’ll play and we’ll win.”

This comment comes after a months-old statement from LaVar that he could have beaten Jordan in his prime.

Whatever, dude.

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