Martellus Bennett Spent First Night at Packers Camp Sleeping on the Floor (PIC)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The Packers start their summer practices today, but if Martellus Bennett looks a little…stiff…it’s because he spent Tuesday night sleeping on the floor in front of his locker. While I’m sure he’d love people to believe it was because he was eager or wanted to occupy the right headspace, the truth is that he arrived too early to check into his dorm.

ESPN asked him about the snafu, and Bennett said:

“Just got to Green Bay not too long ago and couldn’t get into the dorms, so now I’m sleeping on the floor (in front of) my locker,” Bennett said in a video he posted on his Instagram account. “Camp life, Day 1.

“Sleeping on the floor actually doesn’t bother me, I actually like to sleep on the floor from time to time. Honestly. I should’ve told somebody I’d be getting in late tonight.”

Yeah, you probably should have, Martellus. But then we wouldn’t have gotten this awesome Snapchat:

Let’s get that guy a few minutes of extra stretching, okay?

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