Adrien Broner Says Black People Don’t Support Black Boxers Like Hispanics: ‘Crabs In A Bucket’ (VIDEO)

Adrien Broner

In 24 hours time, Adrien Broner will be headlining to the Barclays Center on Saturday night for the second time in his career—the first coming back in 2013 against borough native Paulie Malignaggi, when his career was trending upwards. He was undefeated and had already held titles in three weight classes, yet something was missing from that bout that Malignaggi had plenty of: support from his own people.

When Broner steps into the ring against Mikey Garcia, he fully expects it to be a crowd not on his side, and he blames black people for that because they don’t support black boxers the way hispanic people do.

“No disrespect to my race, but if I was Mexican I would be a billionaire already. Point, blank, period – but, it’s more tough for us to reach that certain level because our people don’t really back our people the way their people back their people,” Broner said following his press conference alongside Garcia in New York City on Thursday. “When you talk about, as we say, n****s. When you talk about n****s, it’s so many of us going against our own people that it’s like a crab in a bucket. A lot of reasons a lot of us don’t prevail is because the people we look up to really don’t bring us up like they can,” he said.

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