LaVar Ball Says Female Ref He Got Replaced Mid-Game Didn’t Know The Game & Wasn’t In Shape (VIDEO)

LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball’s ‘Big Ballers’ AAU team couldn’t even get through the first half of their game against Team BBC at the Adidas Uprising championships on Friday before controversy reared its ugly head.

Ball had an animated conversation with a female ref that led to him receiving a technical foul. He immediately blew a head gasket and wouldn’t let the game continue until that referee was removed from the game.


His tirade eventually got him tossed from the game, so he took his players with him as they forfeited yet another game to drop them to 1-2.

Following the game, LaVar Ball spoke to ‘Overtime’ and ESPN and vented his frustrations about that particular ref, stating she needs to stay in her lane—which was the nicest thing he said about her, as he mentioned her not being in shape as well.

“She’s got a vendetta,” Ball told ESPN after the game. “I get that she’s trying to break into the refereeing thing. But just giving techs and calling fouls, that’s no way to do it. I know what she’s trying to say, ‘Oh I gave LaVar a tech, I’m strong.’ That ain’t got nothing to do with it. Just call the game. If you’re going to be qualified, you better be in shape and you better know the game. And she’s bad on both of them. She’s not in shape, she’s not calling the game right. And she don’t understand. And now she’s trying to make a name for herself, so she’s walking around like, ‘You know I’m the only woman in here.’ Yeah, we get it. I don’t care if you’re a woman, or a man or whatever, just be good at what you do.

“She needs to stay in her lane because she ain’t ready for this. [Ref] the little kids first and then come up. Because she ain’t did enough. She ain’t got enough on her resume, I could tell.”

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