Scottie Pippen Says Kyrie Is Simply Trying To Bolt From Cleveland Before LeBron Does (VIDEO)

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat

If there’s one person who knows what it’s like to be a superstar baller playing Robin to an even bigger star on his team, it’s Scottie Pippen.

The 6-time NBA Champion has no problem with Kyrie Irving demanding a trade from Cleveland, as he sees him as a superstar talent that can hold his own right now.

“I am a very strong supporter of what he’s doing because I’ve watched what has happened to him in his career and how things went for him in Cleveland, and I think he’s at a superstar level now that he can control his own destiny,” Pippen said on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Friday.

While many are confused at to why Kyrie would want to bolt from a team that’s a for sure NBA Finals lock every year, Scottie is thinking big picture—like, what happens if LeBron James actually leaves in free agency once again after the season, as rumors have suggested he would.

“I think it’s the perfect timing,” he said. “Cleveland didn’t win a championship, they were right there, but there’s been a lot of things going on within that organization. LeBron (James) doesn’t give those guys the security that they need, that ‘the superstar is gonna be there and he’s gonna support us.’ And I see Kyrie looking at the opportunity to run before LeBron runs, because there’s a lot of chatter out there that LeBron’s coming to play with the Lakers.”

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