Clippers’ Sindarius Thornwell’s GF Gets Pulled Over For Speeding While Chasing Him on ‘Live PD’ (VIDEO)

Sindarius Thornwell

Usually when you’re watching footage of an athlete interacting with police, it’s never good.

Los Angeles Clippers rookie Sindarius Thornwell recently had a hilarious run-in with a police officer in South Carolina, where he played college ball for the Gamecocks, and it was all caught on live TV.

On Friday night, on the A&E show “Live PD“, Sindarius’ girlfriend got pulled over for speeding, because she was apparently chasing him. The cop came over to greet Sindarius and swore he knew him from somewhere, but couldn’t put his finger on it.

“I know you from somewhere. Where you work at?”

Thornwell was SEC player of the year for the Gamecocks, but he didn’t help the police officer’s memory at all as he claimed he didn’t have a job. He actually just signed his rookie contract on Thursday, so he clearly has a job.

He wasn’t in any trouble—just his girlfriend who was speeding and apparently had some of his belongings in her car.

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