Disturbing Post-Fight Video Shows Just How Dazed & Confused Daniel Cormier Was Following Jon Jones KO (VIDEO)


Watching Daniel Cormier get kicked in the head by a Jon Jones kick was tough for some fans to watch at UFC 214. The former light heavyweight champion guessed wrong on where Jon Jones was going to deliver a kick and he took a devastating blow to the side of his dome that left him wobbling, before Jones eventually finished him off with a flurry of punches.

Many assumed Cormier had a concussion judging by his uncontrollable crying while being interviewed by Joe Rogan. Judging by some recently released footage, it was probably a lot worse than that.

An overhead camera caught the former champ struggling to stay on his feet as he attempted to charge towards the ref for stopping the fight. As you’ll see, he was trying to exit the Octagon, but security and medical personnel made him stay there just so he could do a post-fight interview in that condition.


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