Minnesota Vikings’ Laquon Treadwell, Antone Exum Get Into A Brawl At Training Camp (VIDEO)

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When emotions take over, football players tend to do stupid things like punch each other in the face…except the face is being covered by a helmet.

Just before the Minnesota Vikings began camp this year, CB Terence Newman wanted to see his teammates get into a “couple more fights’’ because “that lets you know that everybody’s really working.’’

On day five of camp, he got his wish.

Wide receiver Laquon Treadwell beat safety Antone Exum for a touchdown pass and held his arms out to signal it. That must’ve ticked off Exum, because he started throwing blows almost immediately.

“We were just competing, nothing serious,’’ Exum said. “Treadwell’s a great competitor, and so am I. Neither one of us is backing down from anything out there.’’

“(There’s) nothing that will linger,’’ Exum said. “It’s just regular training camp stuff. We’re still teammates. I still love him. … We’re friends, so it’s not like we have any beef toward each other.’’


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