Social Media Reacts To Carmelo Still Trying To Win Back His Wife (PICS + TWEETS)

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Back in April, it was reported that Carmelo Anthony had split from his wife La La Anthony. Then it was reported that the reason for the split was Melo allegedly getting another woman pregnant.

Since then, he has said subtle, little things on social media as a way to get back in her good graces—things like commenting on her Instagram posts and threatening other men to stay away from his estranged wife.

Over the weekend, Melo was right back at it, taking yet another contested shot in an effort to get his wife back. This time he took to Twitter and posted a sexy photo of La La with a couple of emojis.


  Social media reacted to Melo not being able to wait until the NBA season to throw up some bricks:  

Let’s take a closer look La La Anthony:

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Alley cat

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La Dolce Vita

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